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Joe Lewis MacKay

If we take full possession of our minds, develop our natural talents to their highest potential and express our most passionate desires out to the world, nothing short of miracles will return. This energetic process is called Enhanced Creative Performance and is the fastest path forward to success in both our personal and professional lives.

3 rules for creative expression:

Create context from chaos

Original ideas are the result of finding connections where none previously existed. This is easier said than done in a world inundated with information. However, if we filter out the noise and reconstruct our thoughts with intention and purpose, unexpected patterns of inspiration arise.

As a minimalist, I believe this process is built on a framework of simplicity. In the reaches of mind, a natural movement to energy exists. When we combine, refine and streamline our beliefs in alignment with this flow, a distinct recognition occurs in our consciousness between the known and the unknown.

Produce meaning over message

Once we have an idea, we must imbue the context with meaning. This involves the art of integrating concepts into the larger whole. Seeing a complete picture at first is not always possible, but as you consider the various complexities, magnetic forces begin to attract similar concepts together.

The secret is illumination. We must reflect deep into the possibilities, cross reference bits of knowledge and connect disassociations that might otherwise go unnoticed. Finding insights is a wonderful thing, but when you can extract meaning from the message, something of extreme value is brought to light.

Share story above style

There is always a temptation to follow in the footsteps of others, but true innovation is moved by stories that touch the imagination. The world has seen enough of the mundane. In order to dazzle, excite and motivate on a grand scale you must penetrate the senses and enrich the imagination in a most peculiar way.

The creation of memorable story lies in one’s ability to accurately reflect the authentic self. When heart-felt emotion is expressed out into the world for all to see, a set of metaphysical events are unleashed that challenge belief systems, affect social change and ultimately inspire others to greatness.

Joe’s education in radio, television, and public relations set the stage for future projects with companies like Telus, Canada Post, Ellis Don, NAIT, Alberta Health and the University of Alberta. 

His involvement with Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce and Toastmasters International built lasting relationships allowing him to share his passion for philosophy, design, art, music, fitness, and the environment. 

The Edmonton Journal, Digital Alberta, St. Albert Chamber, and BigRock Brewery have recognized his award-winning creative work.