As an artist of the imagination, I’m driven to create original thought. I’ve been employed as a writer, communication’s professional, video producer, graphic artist and even a rock and roll drummer.

These rich experiences have exposed me to abstract systems of thought that over time, I’ve mashed together, recomposed and contrasted down into a new model of creativity that I’m very excited to share with you. The core of creativity is governed by laws of energy and if we truly desire to invent new things, we must find ways to interface with this energy and take control of its properties so we can direct it with purpose… I like to think of it as a means to reengineer human ideas.

It takes massive commitment to gain full possession of your mind, but having the power to convert raw materials like simple thoughts into sophisticated ideas in mere seconds is worth the effort. My ultimate goal as a creative leader is to explain this scientific phenomenon and hopefully inspire you to pursue that which burns deeply in the hollows of your soul.