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New book coming in 2021

‘How to Operate Your Soul’ presents a visual system on how to be creatively alive. It identifies the eleven mind controls that manipulate our spiritual energy and show us exactly what we need to do to realize our full potential. This instruction manual reminds us that we as human beings have an unlimited capacity to control of lives and that nothing, absolutely nothing can stop us from achieving what we truly desire if we are willing to take full possession of our minds.

01 Who will benefit from reading this book?

Individuals who were dealt a serious blow from birth and are now struggling with a sense of meaning, creative artists aspiring to develop an original style and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, business leaders interested in personal development and delivering exceptional quality in their work and companies wanting to promote innovative thinking and gain an advantage over the competition.

02 What is the book trying to accomplish?

The purpose of the material is to inspire people to take corrective action in living out their highest aspirations. Each chapter teaches the reader a number a valuable techniques that can be used in various situations.

03 How is the content different from other books on creativity?

The entire framework is built around a visual system of mind tools. Since this is a new idea, I had to introduce some original terms into the conversation to help describe the process.

04 What inspired the book?

I’ve always wanted to know how to be super creative, but I’ve never found an explanation that completely answered this question. A lot of writers have avoided the subject because people are so different, but I’ve discovered that producing creative energy is the result of working with universal laws in predictable ways. I wanted to write a book that provides the tools to be creative, not just the techniques.

05 What makes you an expert on Creativity?

Due to unfortunate circumstances at a very young age, I was forced to become self-reliant in every way. Isolation and struggle became a mental prison where I spent years observing the world from different perspectives. Over time, I developed an acute emotional awareness that allowed me to sense meaning on a much deeper level. As a result of this intuitive nature, I’ve been able to extract and combine techniques from several creative disciplines (writing, graphic design, videography, and music) to produce a new model of creativity.

06 Are the concepts applicable to business?

I could have easily called this book ‘How to Operate Your Business’ because the same principles that apply to the creativity also relate to the marketing, innovation and lead generation of a company. Just like our souls need to be happy, healthy and creative to express themselves, so do employees in a business – after all, a brand is built from the hands of those who produce the products and services.

07 What’s one of the teachings from the book?

The act of being creative on a daily basis fixes, maintains and empowers our personal energy systems.

‘How to Operate Your Soul’ is first release in a three part collection called ‘The Inspiration Pocketbook Series’.