The Elements of Design

The elements of design are the basic building blocks of super creative ideas and are used in conjunction with one another for the purpose of invention. They actually represent varying levels of creative vibration. For example, a thought is higher than an impulse and an idea is higher than a concept. Learning how to step from one level to the next is the secret to success in all creative endeavours. Keeping the mind in a heightened-state of awareness is critical as these elements can appear at any moment. Closely monitoring thoughts at the point of inception and examining their relationship to the whole yields the most benefit.

To draw the elements closer together, try embracing curiosity as a daily ritual. If something grabs your attention, stay with it long enough so potential thoughts can fully realize and fuse together. Think objectively about what you are seeing and ask questions about its relevance. When you do, you allow an event called Creative Burn to attract similar energies and transform them from one state to another. Eventually we gain complete control over the Idea Manufacturing process and can freely use advanced techniques like Flip-book Thinking, Non-linear Logic and Abstract Associations to complete our designs.

Here are the 7 elements of design. Click each one to read more:

Creative potential triggered from the outside world.

Creative potential triggered from inside the mind.

A conscious piece of unprocessed information.

The combination of two related thoughts.

The combination of two unrelated thoughts.

An idea that have been combined with emotion to produce meaning.

A completely original idea.

Mind Controls

Mind controls are the primary tools we use to mange our energy. Once activated, we can navigate through our days creating ideas that form the backdrop of our lives. This process is called Life Streaming and involves the constant cycling of energy between the four energy stations better known as the mind, the gut, the imagination and reality.

With regards to mind controls, there are four kinds of energy in the body: physical energy called Invisible Equalizers which are electrochemical events that influence our thinking, emotional energy called Mindspace Superchargers which impact and expand our creativity, mental energy called Creative Consciousness which helps create ideas through a curious state of awareness and spiritual energy called Soul Expressions which send intentions to our imagination.

All of these energies follow the rules of something I call Miracle Theory which governs the mechanics of energy conversion. It turns out something as simple as our own beliefs can be responsible for everything that happens to us.

There are 11 mind controls. Click each one to read more:

Source that powers all systems.

Controls that clear blocked energy.

Release that discharges negative emotions.

Fader that produces mental energy.

Gauges that track physical energy.

Processor that balances emotional energy.

Dial that attracts like energies.

Transformer that organizes unique patterns.

Booster that increases intention vibration.

Transmitter that releases soul expressions.

Receiver that detects feedback signals.