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Photoshop Your Career

As a media guy I’ve used Photoshop to flip, smudge and paint my content for over 18 years, but did you know the tools in this program can help you design your career Take the Selection Tool for example – this arrow points to elements that catch our interest. We hover over these things and over time, we develop a passion and desire to work with them. For any career choice, you have to love what you do or you’ll never achieve the high performance required to reach greatness.

Once you’ve discovered what you do best, cut out a niche. Use the Crop Tool and get rid of edges where you don’t excel. Remove unnecessary obstacles and place your attention on what’s inside your realm of control. Focus intently on value… this is what the market rewards. Now that you have some direction, click the Freeform Tool to innovate. Research trends and bring something fresh to your overall picture. Don’t be too rigid; allow this tool to draw freely upon new experiences and be willing to change your angles at any time.

As your creativity begins to flow, so will your opportunities. Use the Clone Tool to produce more ideas that align with your personal brand. You’ll get known for delivering excellent work and your personal style will be in demand more than anything else. One of the least used tools is the Sharpen Tool. Use it to develop your skillsets and continuously improve upon what you don’t know. Your long-term success is dependent on your ability to educate yourself and become an expert in your chosen field.

Finally, select the Zoom Tool to gain perspective on your growth. Pull back and take a subjective view of where you’re going and zoom in close to look objectively at where you’ve been. Turning off the layers of distraction in this way often reveals the limitations we can’t see. Your career is a work of art and you’ll never go wrong designing it yourself. Yes, you’ll make mistakes drawing points along your path, but the Eraser Tool is only a mouse click away.