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Tapping the Creative Core

With hot coffee in hand, we often sit patiently at our writing desks waiting for something wonderful to bubble up to the surface. What we tend to forget is that accessing the imagination, or what I call tapping the creative core, requires more than just a passive readiness… we need a static-free mind, supercharged emotions and a surge of peak power.

If the pop-in method was a reliable source of inspiration there would be no need to tap the creative core, but since this system of creation is unreliable at best, alternative means of manifestation must be considered.

Sitting idly in front of our screens is a noble pursuit, but gaining access to the core requires additional preparation. The first step is to clear your mental landscape of static interference. This cerebral noise comes in the form of self-imposed expectations and hinders our ability to think. Clouding our minds with these limiting beliefs puts our productivity on hold and since creative consciousness requires flow, we must be diligent to remove any static that impedes our efforts to write.


Our judgments, attachments to outcomes and long-standing doubts are all examples of static interference. When you purge these inhibitors, you setup perfect conditions for a creative storm. Meditation is best method I know to achieve total freedom in writing. Simply quiet your mind and let the stillness of the moment overcome you; any interference is soon released. Once preconceived notions are gone, the brain buzzes with activity allowing new dimensions of thought to form.

The next step is to supercharge your emotions. Feelings like ‘wonder’ and ‘serenity’ touch the deepest part of our soul and it’s here where insights reveal themselves to our awareness. As more concepts appear, your intuition begins stitching together themes and variations that circulate the mind allowing inspiration and momentum to carry you from thought to page. Passion is another feeling that propels your creativity forward. These burning desires fuel ambitions pushing your level of enthusiasm much higher with possibilities.  

The last activity to coordinate is a surge of peak power. Creating an environment for energy to thrive requires adequate sleep, daily exercise and healthy food choices. Artists underestimate how important these factors are to productivity. Stamina precedes brilliance and every choice we make either enhances our peak power or diminishes it. Catching extras zzzz’s, doing one-arm push-ups and eating cob salad may not sound like fun, but it’s these sorts of activities that turns manuscripts into books.  

With our minds fully functioning at peak power, we finally begin tapping the creative core. It’s like holding a firehose gushing with a 1,000 pounds of pressure – a flood of originality splashes through the mind. What makes the core so prolific is the sudden burst of real-time information. The core hums with efficiency swirling out collective education and lifelong experience with split-second accuracy.  

Your imagination is an unlimited source of universal inspiration – it never runs out of ideas unless you shut down the valve. It’s the greatest gift we have… so the next time you need to write a masterpiece… don’t make it chore, tap the core!