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The Rule of 2020

Every 10 years God flips a gargantuan page in the universal book of reality. For him this means watching galaxies fade away while the powerful mysteries of creation begin to unfold. What does this does this mean for us? If we examine our lives closely, we see an opportunity to let go of something; when we do, we can manifest the impossible.

Massive personal change requires massive personal growth. To rise above the odds we must employ the Rule of 2020 which states: 20 times the challenge requires 20 times the effort. Simply put, if you need to climb a mountain, you can’t walk around… you have to climb the mountain whether you like it or not.

In life we find little roadblocks are easily removed with small bursts of effort and while more difficult circumstances require stronger amounts of determination, they are usually overcome. However, every 10 years or so it seems we have to muster the personal courage to rise above something so huge, we wonder if we can succeed… this is when we apply the Rule of 2020.

It works like this: if your current problem is 20 times larger than you, you must respond with 20 times the effort. This means 19½ times the effort will not be good enough, nor is 23 times the effort required. If adversity truly contains the seeds to overcome it, then we must look deep inside to find them. This can lead to feelings of doubt as everyday living does not usually require such vast amounts of energy… but we must not lose hope.

When God turned the page on January 1st, he used a big hand, with powerful shoulders and a planetary-sized forearm to follow through – a celestial thrust of unfathomable force. Equally so, your task is not going to be easy as the Law of Equal Return requires superhuman strength. Maybe you need to change jobs, maybe you were told you have cancer, maybe someone you love passed away… all these require the Rule.

Action is the lever that sets these things in motion. Find the tools you need, ask questions from experts and then push downward on your bar with unbending intent. 2020 is going to be a year of incredible change, a year of gut-wrenching challenge… but a year with joyful celebration. For as we decipher our maps, orient our surroundings and begin to climb the first ridge, the summit of the next 10 years will surely emerge.